Mission Mover: Beyond Education for Church Leadership by Thomas G. Bandy

By Thomas G. Bandy

Whereas mainline denominations have traditionally relied on children who sign up for seminary for his or her management, overdue bloomers and second-career kinds are more and more relocating at once into ministry, then identifying up education as they move alongside. Bandy examines the fad, giving clever assistance. 176 pages, softcover. Abingdon.

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Mission Mover: Beyond Education for Church Leadership

Whereas mainline denominations have traditionally relied on kids who sign up for seminary for his or her management, past due bloomers and second-career forms are more and more relocating without delay into ministry, then opting for up education as they pass alongside. Bandy examines the fashion, giving clever information. 176 pages, softcover.

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They are useful to teach some subjects, train some skills, and broker some networks . . but are no longer dominant partners. I attach to this e-mail a couple of diagrams I use in teaching. The first diagram illustrates the partnership of the modern, Christendom world between denominational certification and seminary training. Students fresh out of liberal arts colleges followed parallel, interfaced tracks of certification and training, and ended up either in some form of faith-based social service or health care, or in a local parish.

You can see the importance of this by observing the latest trends in clergy burnout and disability. ” Their personal life, relational life, emotional life, physical life, and even intellectual life have all been sacrificed for the sake of their careers. No, that is unfair. For many devoted clergy it is not that shallow . . and the self-destructive behavior is more profound. They have sacrificed “life” for the sake of an obsessive, burdensome sense of obligation to God, to church, to ecclesiastical polity, or to heritage.

It is a symbol, in that it reminds us of eternal truths. More than this, it is also a portal through which the infinite tugs at our heart and sustains us through the dark night. Spiritual growth is no longer organized around a Bible study in the parlor, but around the dangly thing from the rearview mirror, the screensaver on the computer, or the devotional object around your neck. E-mail #12 Subject: What about My Books? Dear Christian Companion: Well, you've got me there! You write: “I understood that you have an academic research doctorate in philosophical theology and used to teach in seminary.

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