Weight Training for the Martial Artist Martial Arts Self by Geoff Thompson

By Geoff Thompson

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Sit up and touch your right knee with your left elbow, then lower to start position. This is one rep. Repeat the sit-up again, this time touching your left knee with 23a 61 Weight Training for the Martial Artist your right elbow. Work up to two sets of fifty repetitions, then either increase resistance by doing the same exercise on an incline or by holding a weight behind your head, or on your chest as you sit up. (Pic 23a) 2) SEATED KNEE-INS Sit on the edge of a chair or a bench, hold the side of the chair for support, with feet together, as illustrated.

As an example, I would class you as a good puncher if you could do three rounds with a good boxer; I would consider you a good kicker if you could do three with a good Thai boxer or taekwon-do fighter; and I would certainly consider you good in close if you could go fifteen minutes with a good wrestler or judoka. 36 A look at your Art As a young karataka I was predominantly a kicker, but thought myself a good puncher too. I’d worked on the weights all my life and touched grappling so also thought my groundwork to be competent.

CAUTION: never strike a relaxed stomach. This is the complete routine, the only thing that I’d recommend you add is neck work. The next routine, the grappler’s workout, includes neck work and you could greatly benefit by its inclusion in your routine. 63 Weight Training for the Martial Artist CHAPTER SEVEN ROUTINE TWO – THE GRAPPLERS Routine One was more for the boxer/karate/tae-kwondo fighter, the kickers and punchers of the fighting arts, whereas Routine Two is more suited to the grappling arts.

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