WBCA Offensive Plays & Strategies by Women's Basketball Coaches Association

By Women's Basketball Coaches Association

utilize each ownership with WBCA Offensive performs & Strategies. within you’ll locate offensive units, performs, and techniques to check up opposed to any protection, together with man-to-man, area, and the full-court press.

basically WBCA Offensive performs & Strategies takes you contained in the minds and playbooks of the prime coaches within the online game at the present time. You’ll research their secrets and techniques, recommendations, and insights on video game making plans, constructing offensive abilities, getting ready for in-game occasions, and breaking down the opponent’s safety and exploiting their weaknesses.

With 119 performs, together with submit, perimeter, situational, and quick-scoring performs, you may be convinced your gamers can be ready for regardless of the opponent throws their means. WBCA Offensive performs & suggestions provides all of the details you want to make definitely the right name each time your workforce has the ball.

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1 pushes the ball on the dribble and passes it ahead to 2 only if 2 is set and ready to score. 5 trails (see Kansas, figure 1, p. 28). 2. 4 sets a high ball screen for 1 driving across the top of the circle. 5 sprints to screen for 3, who cuts across the lane toward the basket (figure 1). 3. After driving off 4’s screen, 1 passes the ball back to 4. 2 steps up to the wing, ready for a three-point shot and preventing her defender from helping on 3’s flex cut (figure 2). 4. 1 moves down to the free-throw line extended area.

If she cuts too early, 2 might not be able to get her the ball. The 1 should start her cut while watching 4, waiting if 4 cuts to the basket to cut off the double flare. In that case, 2 should be able to dribble toward 3 and make a shorter pass. 14/400508/Tammy Page/R1 27 Kansas Tom Collen Objective To give players structure, with options to attack an opponent’s defensive adjustments without slowing or stopping the flow of the game. When to Use • As a secondary offense when a team doesn’t have the numbers advantage in transition.

2. If 4’s defender is preventing the pass to her, 4 sets a screen for 1, who drives past. 2 sprints to set a back screen on 4’s defender. 5 follows the ball (figure 1). 3. 4 cuts off 2’s screen looking for a lob pass. If 1’s defender gets lost on the screen and 4’s defender doesn’t help, 1 will be open for a three-point shot, pull-up jumper, or easy post-entry pass to 5 (figure 2). Variation The 4 can pop out for a three-point shot if her defender tries to go low or under 2’s screen. Points of Emphasis The 2 needs to set the screen as 1 brushes off 4.

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