Pilates Anatomy by Abby Ellsworth

By Abby Ellsworth

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AVOID • Neck strain by using your hands to hold your head. • Rocking from side to side. BEST FOR • rectus femoris • vastus medialis • sartorius • tensor fasciae latae • deltoideus • rectus abdominis • obliquus externus • obliquus internus • transversus abdominis QUICK GUIDE TARGET • Abdominal muscles BENEFITS • Increases stability with unilateral movement • Increases abdominal strength and endurance NOT ADVISABLE IF YOU HAVE • Neck pain THE SCISSORS INTERMEDIATE The Scissors is one of the most popular Pilates exercises, partly because it tones and strengthens the muscles from the core through the legs.

Sit up tall, your legs straight and separated slightly more than one hip-width apart. Inhale, sitting up as tall as you can from the base of your spine. Flex your feet and reach through your heels with your hands, engaging your leg muscles. Arms should be outstretched and parallel to the floor, palms facing downward. Exhale, rounding your back into a C curve by pulling in your ribs and stomach. Roll your head downward, stretching your neck. Exhale, rolling back up from the base of the spine to the top.

These deep abdominal muscles are the keys to finding your center and helping to ensure proper stability with each exercise. Once your center is activated, you can move dynamically through each movement with control and precision. STABILITY The majority of the Pilates mat exercises focus on torso stability. Stability is maintained by restricting or preventing movement in one part of the body while another part is moving. In order to achieve stability, you must activate your core to prevent movement through the spine.

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