Cutting edge cricket by Frank S Pyke; Ken Davis

By Frank S Pyke; Ken Davis

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Leading edge Vorhaben und Projekte erfordern eine spezielle Führung. Das neue Führungsverhalten muß individuell entwickelt werden. In diesem Buch wird die Supervisions- und Coaching-Methode praxisnah dargestellt und ihre Anwendungsmöglichkeiten in Unternehmen erörtert. Anhand konkreter Fallbeispiele wird die Wichtigkeit des Zusammenspiels zwischen crew, Projektleitung und Führungskräften verdeutlicht.

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He might want to control his thought process by focusing on a swing thought (such as ‘play straight’, ‘quick feet’ or ‘be aggressive’) when facing the next delivery. Bowlers, fielders and wicketkeepers should adopt a similar process. Practicing these routines should become a part of training sessions so that, like all other skills, they become automatic and set the player in a state of readiness for each delivery in a match. Modelling elite perForMers Modelling the smoothly coordinated movement of a player can be done by watching the performance repeatedly on a television screen.

He said, ‘I tried to hold the bat with a pressure of 2 out of 10—very light. If I had light hands, I had light arms and light shoulders. With that “lightness” I felt I could make a good pass at the ball’. He cited a lesson he learned from his first Test match when he was gripping the bat so tightly that the glue was coming out of the handle! BelInDa Clark, like Jones, believed her hands were very sensitive. Sometimes she would pick the bat up and it would feel like a foreign weapon. She tried to monitor the amount of pressure in each hand, with the top hand strong at impact (8 out of 10), and the bottom hand as relaxed as possible for as long as possible.

His confidence in playing at a higher level grew as he first learned to survive against them and then ultimately attack their bowling. Redpath also used the nets to practice dropping the ball for short singles by taking the bottom hand off the bat. Good length balls in particular were dropped on the leg side, and in his mind he would think, ‘There’s a run there’. Batters are often tempted to make the most of every minute of their time in the nets by playing a shot at every ball. Several players alluded to the importance of letting the ball go through to the keeper in net situations.

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