Communities of Difference by Peter Pericles Trifonas (eds.)

By Peter Pericles Trifonas (eds.)

This publication will examine the results of academic practices in groups which are differentiated through problems with language, tradition, and expertise. Trifonas argues 'community' is right away a meeting of like-minded participants in harmony of goal and conviction, and likewise a meeting that excludes others. The chapters during this assortment will display this stress among idea and perform so one can have interaction the versions of group and the theories of distinction that aid them so that it will educate, to profit, and to know.

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The short list includes the Palmer raids of the 1920s, the internment of Japanese Americans during the World War II, the McCarthy hysteria of the 1950s, or the illegal FBI domestic counter-intelligence program (COINTELPRO), conducted between 1956 and 1971, whose sole purpose was to “neutralize” politically dissident groups such as the antiwar and civil rights movements in addition to the Black Panthers. These are powerful examples of how repression has rarely been on the side of either security or justice, but what must be added to this often cited historical record are the various modes of repression that youth have been experiencing since the 1980s.

As the state is increasingly reconfigured as a conduit for the criminal justice system, it withdraws from its liberal role of investing in the social and now punishes those young people who are caught in the downward spiral of its economic policies. Punishment, incarceration, and surveillance have come to represent the role of the new state. One consequence is that the implied contract between the state and citizens is broken, and social guarantees for youth as well as civic obligations to the The War Against Children 15 future vanish from the agenda of public concern.

S. bombing in 1991 and the sanctions imposed after the war. During the 1991 war, Iraq lost a substantial part of its electrical grid, which powered equipment in its water and sewage plants. Of the 20 electric generating plants over 17 were either damaged or completely destroyed. One consequence was the breakdown of water, sewage, and hospital services and the spread of various water contaminated diseases such as dysentery. Anupama Roa Singh, one of the country directors for UNICEF, has claimed that over half a million Iraqi children under the age of five have died since the imposition of UN sanctions over a decade ago.

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