Coherence and Ultrashort Pulse Laser Emission by F. Duarte

By F. Duarte

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Both of them show different phase properties with respect to the dipole moment of the particular harmonic. , 2003). The energy acquired by the electron in the light field corresponds to the ponderomotive energy Up U p = e 2 Eo2 / 4meω 2 . (12) Here E0 denotes the electric field strength, e the elementary charge, me the electron mass and ω the angular frequency. 17 ⋅ U pon + I p , (13) where Ip denotes the ionization potential of the atom. A theoretical study of the coherence properties of high order harmonics generated by an intense short-pulse low-frequency laser is presented particularly for the 45th harmonic of a 825 nm wavelength laser (Salières, L’Huillier & Lewenstein, 1995).

The central maximum of the correlation can be described by a Gaussian function (green line) with a width of 12 fs (FWHM). Then a coherence time corresponding to half of the full width of τcoh = 6 fs is obtained. e. the mutual coherence, is not a monotonic function of the delay time between both partial beams. 3 fs appear, symmetrically on both sides of the main maximum. In addition, a small but discernible increase of the visibility occurs at a delay around 40 fs. Coherence of XUV Laser Sources 35 Fig.

21. The pinholes were mounted such that a defined rotation around the beam axis was possible. A transmission grating placed behind the pinholes dispersed the radiation spectrally. Spectra were recorded by a CCD camera placed at a distance of L = 135 cm from the pinholes. This set-up is suitable to be used as a spectrometer with the double pinhole as a slit. The spectral resolution is determined by the pinhole diffraction, which creates Airy spots in the far-field. 3 nm at a wavelength of λ = 20 nm, sufficient to separate individual odd harmonics with spectral separation of about 1 nm in that spectral range.

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