Chemoecology of Insect Eggs and Egg Deposition by Monika Hilker, Torsten Meiners

By Monika Hilker, Torsten Meiners

This can be the 1st booklet concentrating on the chemoecology of insect eggs and egg deposition. It covers quite a lot of assorted concerns together with herbivorous and carnivorous bugs, social bugs and people of clinical and veterinary value. the data compiled during this publication might advertise destiny stories on evolutionary points on insect reproductive behaviour in addition to on controlling insect pests via focusing on the egg level.

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Nezis, R. Konstanti, D. Stravopodis, N. Santama, V. Petrou, I. Mamali, G. Dranos, G. Stefas and G. Apostolou)who have contributed extensively, for almost 30 years, to some of the results and ideas discussed and who have shared the excitementof analysing insect egg structure and physiology. We hope colleagues will accept our sincere apologies for omitting, due to space limitations,many citations andor illustrations of important contributions to the field. M. from the Special Account for Research Grants of Athens University and from the European Union (TMR Network, Contract No: ERBFMXCT-980200).

Two types of ovarioles can be distinguished in insects, namely the panoistic and meroistic (Postlethwait and Giorgi, 1985) (Figure 1-3a). In a panoistic ovariole (found in cockroaches, crickets and certain other groups), each follicle consists of an oocyte surrounded by a layer of follicle cells. Each ovariole matures a single oocyte at a time and the necessary materials for development are produced through vast and selective gene amplification in the nucleus of the oocyte (Cave, 1982). In contrast, in the meroistic ovariole, three cell types cooperate in egg chamber assembly, namely the oocyte, the nurse cells and the follicle cells.

Int. J. Insect Morphol. Embryol. 8: 375-386. Cho, WL, Deitsch, KW, Raikhel, AS. 1991. An extraovarian protein accumulated in mosquito oocytes is a serine carboxypeptidase activated in embryos. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 88: 10821-10824. DeLoof, A. 1971. Synthesis and deposition of oocyte envelopes in the Colorado beetle, Leptinotarsa decemlineata Say. Z. Zellforsch. 115: 351-360. DeLoof, A. 1983. The meroistic insect ovary as a miniature electrophoretic chamber. Comp. Biochem. Physiol. 74A: 3-9.

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