Checklist of the Hemiptera of Canada and Alaska by Helene Ensign Maw, K. G. Hamilton, G. G. E. Scudder, R. G.

By Helene Ensign Maw, K. G. Hamilton, G. G. E. Scudder, R. G. Foottit, G.G.E. Scudder

During this identify, all species of Hemiptera (including 'Homoptera') recognized to ensue in Canada and Alaska are indexed and distribution via significant political department is given. association is by way of taxonomic hierarchy with cross-references from alphabetic lists of genera and species. Annotations establish brought species and point out pest prestige. a short descriptive synopsis is incorporated for precept taxonomic teams and references to to be had identity courses (keys, revisions, handbooks), catalogues, and bibliographies are supplied for genera and better taxa.

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Takala (Hottes) N. vockerothi (Richards) N. williamsi Heie (Subgenus RANAKIMIA Heie) - BC - BC AK YK NT - BC AK YK NT - BC - BC - BC - BC - BC - BC - BC - BC - NU - BC (Troop) N. acyrthosiphon (Richards) N. purpurescens (Oestlund) - - NB* ON* QC* NB* - - - - - - - - - NB NB - - - - - - - QC MB ON QC NB - NS NF - - AB SK AB - MB ON AB - MB AB - MB AB - MB AB SK MB ON AB - MB - MB - - - - BC - - N. bakeri AK* - - - BC AB - MB ON QC NB NS - - N. N. N. crataegifoliae crataegifoliae (Fitch) N. L. N.

Brevispinosus Gillette & Palmer P. californiensis (Shinji) P. lyropictus (Kessler) Norway maple aphid; puceron de l’érable de Norvège P. negundinis (Thomas) boxelder aphid; puceron de l’érable négondo P. testudinaceus (Fernie) AK* - AB - - - - QC ON* QC* - - - NB NB* - NS NS* NB* PE* NS* NF* - Genus PSEUDOPTEROCOMMA MacGillivray Key: Richards 1972a. P. canadensis Richards P. hughi (MacGillivray) - - - - SK MB ON - MB - QC NB - - - - - - - - Tribe Siphini Genus ATHEROIDES Haliday A. serrulatus Haliday - - - - BC* - - - - QC* - - - - - BC* AB* SK* MB* ON* QC* NB* PE* NS* NF* - - - - - BC* BC* - Genus SIPHA Passerini Key: Richards 1972a.

Smith & Knowlton Genus MYZAPHIS van der Goot M. canadensis Richards M. rosarum (Kaltenbach) - - - AK YK NT - [O] Genus MYZODIUM Börner Key: Smith & Robinson 1975. M. F. Smith & Robinson M. modestum (Hottes) - - - - BC BC - - - - - - BC AB SK MB ON QC NB PE NS NF - [A] - - - - BC* BC* - - [G] Genus MYZUS Passerini Key: Blackman 1987. (Subgenus MYZUS Passerini) M. cerasi (Fabricius) black cherry aphid; puceron noir du cerisier M. lythri (Schrank) M. ornatus Laing A agricultural, F forestry, G greenhouse, O ornamental pest; r rare; b biocontrol agent - MB* ON* QC* NB* PE* NS* MB* - QC* NB* - 23 Aphididae (Subgenus NECTAROSIPHON Schouteden) Myzus antirrhinii (Macchiati) M.

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