Catalogue of the Cicadoidea (Hemiptera: Auchenorrhyncha) by Allen F. Sanborn

By Allen F. Sanborn

This is the 3rd in a sequence of catalogs and bibliographies of the Cicadoidea protecting 1981-2010. The paintings summarizes the cicada literature, offering a way for simple entry to details formerly released on a selected species or to permit researchers the facility to find comparable paintings that has been released on different species. a complete of 2,591 references are incorporated within the bibliography. The booklet is a resource of organic and systematic details that may be utilized by zoologists, entomologists, members drawn to crop security, and scholars learning entomology in addition to someone attracted to cicadas or who require particular info at the bugs. each one genus/species is pointed out with the reference, the web page quantity, any figures (if applicable), the themes coated by means of the reference, any synonymies, and any biogeographic info pointed out for the species within the person reference. An additional advantage to the catalog is that it's the first whole species checklist for the Cicadoidea, together with all synonymies and new mixtures via 2012.

  • Provides approximately 4 occasions the variety of references of the former catalog, demonstrating the explosion of information seeing that that time
  • Contains all references stumbled on that point out a genus or species identify within the work
  • Includes greater than three hundred extra references that weren't within the earlier works in this subject
  • Features the 1st entire species record for the Cicadoidea, together with all synonymies

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Extra info for Catalogue of the Cicadoidea (Hemiptera: Auchenorrhyncha)

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Note) South Africa Platypleura maytenophila Villet 1997a: 325 (comp. note) South Africa Platypleura maytenophila Villet and Noort 1999: 228 (comp. note) Platypleura maytenophila Sueur 2001: 37, Table 1 (listed) Platypleura maytenophila Sanborn, Breitbarth, Heath and Heath 2002: 445 (comp. note) Platypleura maytenophila Sanborn, Phillips and Villet 2003b: 292–293 (comp. note) Platypleura maytenophila Malherbe, Burger and Stephen 2004: 86 (comp. note) South Africa P. mijberghi Villet, 1989 Platypleura mijburghi Villet 1989b: 54–56, 64, 67–68, Figs 3–4, Fig 17, Fig 31, Figs 35–36 (n.

Note) South Africa Platypleura Zaidi 1997: 115, Table 2 (listed, comp. note) Borneo, Sarawak Platypleura Lee 1999: 2 (comp. note) Korea Platypleura Ohbayashi, Sato and Igawa 1999: 340 (parasitism, comp. note) Platypleura Villet 1999b: 153 (comp. note) Platypleura Villet and Noort 1999: 227, 229 (comp. note) Platypleura spp. Villet and Noort 1999: 227–228 (comp. note) Platypleura Zaidi and Ruslan 1999: 4, Table 2 (listed, comp. note) Borneo, Sarawak Platypleura sp. Zaidi, Ruslan and Azman 1999: 300 (listed, comp.

Formosana Equals Platypleura kaempferi var. formosan (sic) Equals Platypleura kaempferi dentivitta Taiwan, Japan, Korea, China, Malaysia Platypleura kaempferi Chen 2004: 43–44, 198 (described, illustrated, listed, comp. note) Taiwan Platypleura kaempferi Hirai 2004: 376 (predation, comp. note) Japan Platypleura kaempferi Champman 2005: 327 (comp. note) Platypleura kaempheri (sic) Itô and Kasuya 2005: 60, Table 14 (life cycle, comp. note) Platypleura kaempferi Lee 2005: 16, 44–49, 157, 160–161, 168 (described, illustrated, synonymy, song, distribution, key, comp.

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