Catalogue of Palaearctic Coleoptera, Vol. 4: Elateroidea, by I. Lobl, A. Smetana

By I. Lobl, A. Smetana

This is often the fourth quantity of a accomplished sequence which covers approximately 100,000 species of Coleoptera recognized to ensue within the Palaearctic quarter. the knowledge supplied for every species is as follows: basic taxonomic info of all on hand names within the genus and species degrees released through the top of 1999; the taxonomic info less than subfamily, geared up alphabetically; and the kind species of genera and subgenera, together with synonyms. the realm lined comprises the Arabian Peninsula, the Himalayas, and China, and the distributional facts of species and subspecies is given according to kingdom. special distributional info for strict endemics is given, and brought species are indicated. is a collective paintings of approximately 100 coleopterists from Europe, Japan, the United States, and Australia.

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Of Olibrus particeps Mulsant & Rey, 1861 Phalacrus corruscus var. punctipennis J. R. Sahlberg,1913 syn. nov. of Phalacrus corruscus (Panzer, 1797) Phalacrus maximus var. ambiguous Guillebeau, 1892 syn. nov. of Phalacrus maximus Fairmaire, 1852 Phalacrus maximus var. reitteri Flach, 1888 syn. nov. fortestriatus J. R. Sahlberg,1889 syn. nov. flavipes A. Fleischer, 1928 syn. nov. of Tolyphus punctulatus Rosenhauer, 1856 Silvanidae D. G. H. Halstead New synonyms Silvanoprus prolixicornis Sengupta & Pal, 1996 syn.

Of. Ebaeus limbellus Peyron, 1877 Ebaeus luctuosus var. koenigi Pic, 1912 syn. nov. οι Ebaeus luctuosus Abeille de Perrin, 1890 Ebaeus pedicularius var. montenegrinus Pic, 1915 syn. nov. of Ebaeus pedicularius (Fabricius, 1775) Ebaeus rubetorum var. viridipennis Pic, 1908 syn. nov. of Ebaeus rubetorum Peyron, 1877 Ebaeus rufoapicalis var. paulonotatus Pic, 1948 syn. nov. οι Ebaeus rufoapicalis Pic, 1926 Haplomalachius diversicornis var. maculaticollis (Pic in Pic and Lindberg, 1932) syn. nov. of Haplomalachius diversicornis (Pic, 1932) Hypebaeus albifrons var.

Of Clanoptilus elegans (A. G. Olivier, 1790) * Clanoptilus geniculatus var. obconicus (Abeille de Perrin, 1891) syn. nov. of Clanoptilus geniculatus (Germar, 1824) Clanoptilus heliophilus var. breviruber (Pie, 1914) syn. nov. of Clanoptilus heliophilus (Peyron, 1877) Clanoptilus laticollis var. peninsularis (Evers, 1948) syn. of Clanoptilus laticollis (Rosenhauer, 1856) Clanoptilus marginellus var. atriceps (Abeille de Perrin, 1891) syn. nov. of Clanoptilus marginellus (A. G. Olivier, 1790) Clanoptilus marginellus var.

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