Bringing the High Scope Approach to your Early Years by Nicky Holt

By Nicky Holt

In the event that your university or association is bringing excessive Scope in as their new studying method this can be invaluable yet i would not however it in the event that your are only examining up on it for the Praxis examination

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It is, however, the adult’s role to bring work time to an end and practitioners will use a signal, a tambourine maybe, to indicate that there are five minutes left of work time before tidy-up time. This allows the children to finish off what they are doing and lessens the feelings and frustrations often seen in young children when they are asked to stop something that they are enjoying. After all how many of us adults would appreciate someone suddenly telling us to stop what we were doing 34 The physical environment when we were having a good time.

The house area allows children to make sense of the world around them, as they can explore feelings and re-enact events in their lives in a comfortable and safe setting. The opportunities to play with others are many so children learn to cooperate and communicate with their peers. The house area should be equipped with child-sized furniture as this is made so that children can use it comfortably and safely; however, it can be stocked with real, adult-sized utensils. These are usually more durable and reflect the children’s experiences outside of the setting.

Real items (especially the electrical goods) often cause concern but as long as the cables are cut short and children are supported by the practitioners in the setting to use them appropriately their play value cannot be ignored. Children in the home corner repeatedly take on a role of an adult, often Mum or Dad, and to be able to use the same materials and in the same way as they have seen at home allows them to try out what it’s like to be someone else. In the same way that dressing-up enables children to become someone else for a short while, the use of real items also supports this learning.

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