Boys and Girls Learn Differently!: A Guide for Teachers and by Michael Gurian

By Michael Gurian

During this profoundly major publication, writer Michael Gurian synthesizes this present wisdom and obviously demonstrates how this contrast in hard-wiring and socialized gender ameliorations impacts how girls and boys research. Gurian offers a brand new approach to teach our kids in line with mind technology, neurological improvement, and chemical and hormonal disparities.

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Recently in a human growth and development class I was teaching, we did a module for the kids on brain and gender differences. I’m not sure what I expected from the students—I think I expected them to be surprised that male and female brains were so different. ” That boys and girls brains are different came as no surprise to these kids, who are living the differences every day. It was me who was surprised. How humbling that was. The kids knew more than I did. ” A male teacher had another: “I just saw an ad on the Internet: ‘Encyclopedias for sale, forty volumes.

This change is especially pronounced in boys, which explains the rise in aggressiveness seen in both sexes at adolescence, and especially in males who become high-risk. The increased level of estrogen at puberty causes sudden growth of the hippocampus, the part of the brain that focuses on memory. A larger hippocampus can mean a better memory. The hippocampus in girls grows larger than it does in boys— one reason girls and women are better than boys and men at remembering some things, such as names and faces in myriad social relationships.

The solution to the problems being experienced in the schools involves helping both the androgynous kids and the more gender-different. The Role of Hormones in the Womb and at Puberty The historical causation of gender differences in the brain probably goes back to hunter/gatherer society and continues in our high-population culture, but the logistical causation of brain difference lies in how male and female hormones influence development. All fetuses start out female. In the first trimester of pregnancy, surges of testosterone from the mother’s ovaries create the male.

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