Assyrian Dictionary of the Oriental Institute of the by Martha T. Roth

By Martha T. Roth

Quantity eleven, N elements 1 and a pair of (2 vols)

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RA 61 103:14; in-ha-ri-ir-ma (in broken context) ARM 2 26 r. 1'. Landsberger, MSL 1 111. ; OB, Mari, EA; in'arrar, IV/2; nardritu. to come to aid, to help; IV in'arrir (i'arrir) cf. DUB lipuSu let the carpenters, boatmen, and reedworkers from the country, a) in military context: Turukkid ... ) and build a cargo boat LIH 8 r. 9 [ana] libbi sadi irubu the Turukku-people is possibly a metathesis for li-ra-hu-ma (see became hostile and destroyed two villages, arshu A), rather than a form of na'arruru.

Ana VIII 61; ana ummdni la iqil massu BAL-SU Lambert BWL 112:5. ); inima ahhusu RN belsunu ib-baal-ki-tu Wiseman Alalakh 1:1 (OB); [summa itti Sar mat Hatti] na-bal-ku-td [inneppus] S]apldnu na-bal-ku-ut rubdm massu i-ba-laka-as-su [if the ... ] is turned over downward: the ruler's country will rebel against him RA 44 16:2; sarram massu ib-ba-la-ak-kaif there is a revolt against the king of Hatti a[s-sei] RA 67 46:80; mdtum re-e-i-sa ib-ba- fla-kal-[at] YOS 10 39 r. 7, cf. sa re-e-i-sa ibba-al-k[i-tu] ibid.

4; [summa uS]tandh Labat TDP 184 r. 23; summa ina pan NA-4 4-na-'-as if he .... before u i-na-is imat lying down u-na-'-as ibid. ME pahhari ina libbi uttini ki irubu ana libbi pahhdri 4-nam-bah the potter's dog, once in the kiln, barks at the potter (proverb) u if he weeps constantly and .... ABL 403:7 (NB). ibid. 89. ; The occs. refer to the symptoms of a sick person. * Enki li-ib-bi-ku-nim ana m[ahrik]a ... Enki ib-bi-ku-nim ana ma[Bri]u let them bring Enki into your (Enlil's) presence - na')iu see n&du v.

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