An Introduction to Extremal Kahler Metrics by Gabor Szekelyhidi

By Gabor Szekelyhidi

A easy challenge in differential geometry is to discover canonical metrics on manifolds. the simplest identified instance of this can be the classical uniformization theorem for Riemann surfaces. Extremal metrics have been brought by way of Calabi as an try at discovering a higher-dimensional generalization of this consequence, within the atmosphere of Kahler geometry. This e-book supplies an advent to the research of extremal Kahler metrics and particularly to the conjectural photograph concerning the life of extremal metrics on projective manifolds to the soundness of the underlying manifold within the experience of algebraic geometry. The e-book addresses a number of the uncomplicated principles on either the analytic and the algebraic aspects of this photograph. an summary is given of a lot of the mandatory heritage fabric, comparable to uncomplicated Kahler geometry, second maps, and geometric invariant thought. past the elemental definitions and houses of extremal metrics, numerous highlights of the idea are mentioned at a degree available to graduate scholars: Yau's theorem at the lifestyles of Kahler-Einstein metrics, the Bergman kernel growth because of Tian, Donaldson's reduce certain for the Calabi power, and Arezzo-Pacard's life theorem for consistent scalar curvature Kahler metrics on blow-ups.

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39. The bundle 0(1) over cpn is very ample, and the sections Zo, ... 29 define the identity map from cpn to itself. More generally for any projective manifold V c CPn, the restriction of 0(1) to V is a very ample line bundle. Conversely if L is a very ample line bundle over V, then Lis isomorphic to the restriction of the 0(1) bundle under a projective embedding furnished by sections of L. 20 1. Kahler Geometry The following is a fundamental result relating the curvature of a line bundle to ampleness.

This technique of linearizing the equation and obtaining better and better regularity is called bootstrapping. 1. The strategy 39 An alternative approach would be to use the implicit function theorem in Gk,oi for larger and larger k, and the uniqueness of the solution will imply that the cp8 we obtain is actually smooth. D The main difficulty is in step (3) of the strategy, namely that if we can solve (*)t for all t < s, then we can take a limit and thereby also solve (*) 8 • For this we need the following a priori estimates.

We write the space of global holomorphic sections as H 0 (M, E) since this forms the first term in a sequence of cohomology spaces Hi(M, E). Although they are fundamental objects, we will not be using these spaces for i > 0. An important property which we will discuss later is that H 0 (M, E) is finite dimensional if M is compact. 25. The (1, 0) part of the cotangent bundle 0 1•0 M is a rank n holomorphic vector bundle over M, where dime M = n. In a local chart with holomorphic coordinates z 1 , ...

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