Advice to the Minister of Music: Get a Giant Hat Rack by Cheri Walters

By Cheri Walters

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If you can answer “true” to any of the above statements, it’s time to reevaluate the problem relationship(s), whether it’s at home, at church, or on the job. Seek help from your pastor or a trusted older colleague in ministry or a professional Christian counselor. Sometimes the stress is temporary—a particularly frantic holiday season, a financial burden; sometimes it is more fundamental—a tendency to take on other people’s problems to a debilitating degree, an overwhelming need to please everyone.

Cara left fearing she’d lost them from the choir and the church. But a couple of rehearsals later, there they were having taken care of the problem, and now Cara says they’re among her biggest supporters. She was honest with them, including being honest about her own discomfort at dealing with the situation. She was tactful and dealt with the situation in private, allowing them to maintain their dignity. Some people problems are more subtle; some, more complex. A lot of psychological maneuvering goes on in relationships, even in the church.

However, beware of making too many exceptions or you will negate the whole purpose of encouraging faithfulness as well as open yourself up to accusations of favoritism. Maybe those leaders are right who say you can’t teach commitment. But whether it can be taught or not, it can be nurtured, stressed, and rewarded. impottaht enough to_°co_mmu- hieate emay-_ 60 Get a Giant Hat Rack! Encouraging a Family Feeling All of us feel the need to belong to something, to identify with others. The music minister can cultivate a feeling of family among the members of the music department, and as it grows, among the members of each worship team or choral group.

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