Adverbs and Adverbial Adjuncts at the Interfaces by Katalin É. Kiss

By Katalin É. Kiss

This publication investigates - frequently at the foundation of Hungarian info - the grammar of adverbs and adverbial adjuncts, between them locatives, temporals, comitatives, epistemic adverbs, adverbs of measure, demeanour, counting, and frequency, quantificational adverbs, and adverbial participles. within the spirit of the Minimalist study software, the analyses specialise in the influence of semantic and phonological specifications on adverbial syntax.

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Ja´nos ’meg-oldotta ’jo´l ’gyakran a feladatot. ’ a. In example (17) the relative scope of the adverbials is not fixed lexically – hence, if one or the other, or both of them are right-adjoined to PredP, where they are subject to free linearization, their c-command relation and their relative scope cannot be reconstructed. The PF strings in (21a), (22a), and (23a) are ambiguous because they can derive from either one of the corresponding structures in (b) and (c): 32 Katalin E´. Kiss (21) A posta´s ’to¨bbszo¨r is csengetett ’u´jra.

In section 6 the facts surveyed in section 2 are revisited and are given a principled explanation. 2. Facts to account for Adverbial placement represents a problem for Hungarian syntacticians because adverbials can appear both preverbally and postverbally, and whereas their preverbal order is strictly fixed, their postverbal order is completely free. Moreover, an adverbial appears to have the same scope and the same prosody either in preverbal or in postverbal position. Adverbs and Adverbial Adjuncts at the Interfaces, 21–38 Katalin E´.

TopP Ja´nos [ PredP [ PredP [ PredP csengetett] ’u´jra] ’to¨bbszo¨r is]] a. a. A PredP modified by a predicate adverbial can be subsumed by a NonNeutral Phrase dominated by a NegP and/or a FocP projection. Since the V moves into the NN head, predicate adverbials – whether left-adjoined or right-adjoined – surface postverbally, where they can be linearized freely. In the scope of focus and/or negation they are subject to destressing. Whereas their narrow scope with respect to the focus and/or negation is clearly marked by the lack of primary stress, their scope relative to other predicate adverbials can only be reconstructed if it is predetermined lexically, as in (24).

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