Advances in Functional Training by Mike Boyle

By Mike Boyle

Через семь лет после публикации первой книги practical education for activities Майк возвращается в книгопечатание с новой книгой, с новым понимаем функциональности тела.
В ней он переосмысливает свое видение тренировочного процеса, его целей и методов.

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In fact, we use very few of Gray’s corrective strategies as we have not found them group-friendly. However, that does not mean I can’t use the screen or the information obtained from the screen to help me improve my program. The truth is as I understand more, I integrate more. The real question is do Gray Cook and the screen have the ability to make us better at our jobs and help us improve our athletes? For me I absolutely know they do. The things I have learned from Gray have been invaluable in my evolution as a coach.

Teach your athletes to bodyweight squat in a manner that minimizes range of motion at the ankle and maximizes range of motion at the knee. Once the athlete has mastered the technique of bodyweight squatting, the athlete can progress to the hands-free front squat. Full Squats Full front squats are always used in our program. The full squat is defined as one in which the top of the thigh is parallel to the floor. Half-squats or quarter-squats should never be used. No one does half- or quarter-curls to save the elbows; the knees should be no different.

The strength coach familiar with the FMS will see many options for warm-up and corrective exercises within the program. Three to five get-ups per side can be an excellent warm-up and corrective combination. If a complete get-up is not possible for an athlete, have the athlete do three circuits of the corrective exercise suggested at the problem segment of the get-up. ” Screening or Selling Stop thinking of the FMS as an assessment and start thinking of it as the best tool you can have to sell your athletes on your program.

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