A woman's odyssey: journals, 1976-1992 by Linda Aaker

By Linda Aaker

A hippie antiwar protester became antitrust attorney tells of coming of age within the 80s. Politics and keenness are spiked with humor and looking out during this compelling story of a contemporary woman's trip to life's heart years. From taking pictures deer in Texas to capturing images within the Himalayas, from enduring the courting scene to changing into a mom, from hitch-hiking on my own in Guatemala to touring with invoice and Hillary Clinton at the pre-election Texas bus journey, Aaker's global is actual and deeply honest.

Although the explicit information are just one woman's studies, this e-book is, in a feeling, the tale of each lady who got here of age in the beginning of the women's move within the 70s. It chronicles the win/loss cycles confronted through any girl who chooses to have either occupation and family.

Entry from 1978: while I learn of pollutants and inflation and Rhodesia and Nicaragua, chills runs down my physique and i am scared, taking into consideration the area to come back, my very own monetary lack of confidence, and even if i actually are looking to deliver a toddler into this global. what is going to take place to me if i do not develop into extra accountable? it is all advantageous to be a tender “hippie-type” bureaucrat/lawyer. yet will that be adequate at fifty, and with the accountability for one more man or woman? now not mammoth concerns, yet sobering concepts in the middle of my life-for-the-moment world.

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His life has a general plan and it is (as usual) all too easy for me to adopt his interests, his goals. My vision of a better world has been tempered. A lot of it has become personalized. I want the process and instinctively know that for me that's the most important part. End results pale in comparison. Analogous to marriage with Rod: the years together are the significant moments, not the end result of divorce. If you tell a few select people your visions, they crystallize and Page 32 seem not so far fetched.

Talked with Wes last night. He cried when he began to realize I meant we were going to just be friends. Why am I attracted only to men who give me a hard time and are abusive in some way, and am not attracted to the "nice guys"? Sheila was down. I hope her downs aren't rubbing off too much on me. October 19, 1976 I'm trying a new system at work. , and then work very hard afterwards. Do a few minutes of meditation, currently about eating. I called Bud and recounted my conversation with Sandee. He asked if Sam knew about "us" and got angry.

Care for, yes, but without that "connected" feeling. Or is love about something I don't even understand? Could I have been mistaken about the rushes of feelings I've had these many years? Also flashed on Dennis. I miss the learning and realized my fascination with him was due to the worlds he opened up for me. I miss people to talk tonot just about feelings but ideas. What is curved space? But even though I miss that, this alone time is productive. Amorphous things are settling outlearning that preparation is constant, that perhaps I'll never (shudder) be able to share much of this with another, but I long to.

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