A South Efate Dictionary by Nick Theiberger

By Nick Theiberger

This dictionary has been the made from collaborative paintings with a few audio system of the language of South Efate, primary Vanuatu. it's a part of an ongoing venture that comes with the recording of news within the language, a variety from that's produced as 'Natrauswen nig Efat.'

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Nentu prep. next, as in ntau nentu, next year; wik nentu, next week. nep vambi. throw to, to stone. Kunep ki naat. You throw to the man. Anpa ki faat. I throw a stone at it. Malnen kunep man kunpalua go rusosoki arleg. When you throw a stone at a bird and you hit it, they say you are skilful. See: npakinatut; sif. nepsok vambi. weigh down, place a weight on something to stop the wind blowing it away. Selwan nlag inag kesilua kunepsoki ki fat. When the wind wants to 49 neslu blow everything, you put a rock on things to hold them down.

Bed, also grave, 'place to lie in'. See: wenr. naworan n. generation, ancestry. nawos n. coconut, green, young (soft inside). Fourth stage at which you can eat a coconut. agrap. nayam n. yam, spiky wild yam sp. ne dem. this (close). See: nen. neet vintr. come and meet. Kineu aneet lekag. I came to see you. Kineu kafo neet. I will come and meet you. See: seltra; saisei; patlas. neetnpasil v. join, as in, to join a group of people. See: npasil. nega pron. 1) he, she, it (3rd person singular). 2) his, her, its, (3rd person singular possessive).

Grows in the sea like a mangrove. nap! r airei n. cane variety where wild ducks make their nests. nap! raksa. n_inposs. gill of fish. 44 napum! ni fat naprat n. 1) cob of corn after the kernels have been eaten. 2) stick of hibscus left over after the bark has been used to make rope. nap! r at n. Hibiscus, tree species, kind of Hibiscus. nap! r e n. dream. re. You are dreaming. napri n. tree sp. Large tree, good timber. napsin Also: napis. n_inposs. bottom, rear end of person, anus. ata tkal napsim mau.

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