A modern formal logic primer: sentence logic by Paul Teller

By Paul Teller

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That he extended the word idea to propos itional concepts (nomen ideae ego vero ad id omne quod cogitatur, extendof6 is, of course, implied by his considering ideas as the objects ofjudgment. Although sometimes he contrasts an idea with a proposition, or a notion which does not involve affirmation or negation with a prejudice, the very fact that he occasionally speaks of ideas which do not involve any affirmation or negation indicates that for him there are also ideas that do involve predication27 • His lack of explicitness, however, could easily lead to confusion.

703: Quamquam verG intentionis et notionis vocabu/a praecipue et magis proprie pro conceptu formali accipiantur, cum tamen hoc loco intentio notiove in primam et secundam dividatur, pro obiectivo usurpari solet (quoted from the Commentarii Collegii Conimbricensis Societatis Jesu in universam Dialecticam Aristotelis Stagiritae, Coloniae, 1607). 67. Cf. NUCHELMANS 1980', pp. 155-162. 68. Cf. NUCHELMANS 1980', pp. 191-192. 32 cepts are normally instantiated by things in the world which exist independently of any operation of the intellect, second-order concepts are exemplified by things in so far as they are actually conceived of and presented to the mind.

Nam sicut productio formaliter est rei productae productio, ita cognitio essentialiter est rei cognitae cognitio et productio quaedam in· tellectualis obiecti in mente, quod obiectum productum in esse intelligibili didtur verbum mentis et terminus intrinsecus intellectionis. See also the survey in Johannes a Sancto Thoma 1937, pp. 344-345, and the passages quoted in MUELLER 1968, pp. 258-260, notes 692-700. 64. Sanchez Sedegno 1616, p. 164. 65. See, for instance, RISSE 1964, p. 388, p . 424, p.

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