A Modern Czech Grammar by William E. Harkins, Marie Hynková

By William E. Harkins, Marie Hynková

The best way to converse Czech.

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5. 6. 7. Page 41 (top) 8. ¬ ~ ô à % c Z √ ß Ø h 9 Œ Z ¬ °T ¥ ¿ É à , Z j î r ¬ d ƒ l Z k õ °ù õ à % 1 , N ƒ ¬ > ¬ / j ƒ , d ~ d æ æ h Z f Z You should have also drawn pictures of: leg; mouth; ear; nose; eye; hair 62 > ˝ 2 > 1 ô N / ¬Jƒ~ Page 43 ear hair hand stomach arm back finger leg √/«~ π~æ`6 √õ> ¢S’ ,ƒZ %/æ> ¬~ôà°S gedda tsangal paza laas ghwag pandey sturga gwota ,ƒZ ¿Éà1jh ¢S’ √/«~ π~æ`6 É°T ¬Jƒ~ %/æ> ghwag weshtaan laas gedda tsangal shaa gwota pandey 8 USEFUL ROUND-UP EXPRESSIONS Page 45 (top) Page 49 »dÉY ƒg ¿hô> ¬Jô«¸ øf ¬àdO ¬∏«g ¬f great yes yesterday where?

12 CLOTHES Page 10 (bottom) Page 15 (top) ¢ù«ªc ¬æj21 ôµ«f ¿É:ƒH óæHôªc ¢ù«ªc ¬æjôÉf ¢ù«ªc %dƒN ÜGQƒL √RGhQO %QɪdG %QÉîH 9c √ôà°ùH õ«e %ch6 ∫É˝îj ôJƒ« ªc door cupboard stove bed table chair refrigerator computer jooraab Page 15 (bottom) Page 11 (top) õ«e %QɪdG ôJƒ« ªc 9c √ôà°ùH %µ$c ¿ƒØ«∏«J ¿ƒjõjƒ∏J %ch6 % » ô √ ¥ ¿ ¬ ˇ mez almaarey compeotur bestara kutt karrkey telefoon talvezyoon tsawkey Page 11 (bottom) % ¥ 9 å 9 ˇ % ø khazena kames nekar bottaan kamarband naarena kames kames khowaley - ª f ~ √ R / ˙ µ c ∫ É c √ ô © Z ˇ Q É î « / % « G ∫ ˝ à ƒ H c h h 2 î °ù c ˙ h É˝ Q ¥ j H ß ∏ 6 Page 16 hat shoe sock shorts t-shirt belt coat pants 1 O j f 6 Ø g °T Page 12 12 11 10 6 5 2 7 9 4 3 8 1 µ Ü j ¿ ƒ É j É N G ¿ É % « ¿ ª à ƒ ∏ ƒ ~ H ∏ % µ L à H ˚ N ¢ù J %dƒN ¿É:ƒH ÜGQƒL ôµ«f ¢ù«ªc óæHôªc %Jôc ¿ƒ∏à> Page 17 (shoe) (sock) (sweater) (belt) (dress) (shirt) (coat) (shorts) (t-shirt) (hat) (pants) (skirt) ¿É:ƒH ÜGQƒL ¿É«æH óæHôªc ¢ù«ªc ¬æj21 ¢ù«ªc ¬æjôÉf %Jôc ôµ«f ¢ù«ªc %dƒN ¿ƒ∏à> øªd ¿ Q ƒ : 2 æ ª N ¬ J > % « à ª ô Q 6 1 î c ß µ c khowaley bottaan jooraab nekar kames kamarband kortey patloon 2 (1 pair) 6 (3 pairs) 1 2 1 0 0 2 3 2 0 1 Copyright 2003 by Gaafar and Wightwick.

English word: 46 ¬àdO p ¬f c ƒg t ¬ææe j ¬1îHh a ¬∏«g l ƒg m ¬f e øf i ¬à∏g b ¬~æ`6 ≈j a ¬∏«g x ¬Jô«¸ s »dÉY h ¿hô> t ¬~æ`6 ≈j b ¬f y ƒg e p What are these people saying? Write the correct number in each speech bubble, as in the example. 2 ¬Jô«¸ 7 √ôeƒ6 8 ¬àdO 5 ¬1îHh 6 ƒg 3 ¬f 4 ≈j ¬~æ`6 ¬∏«g 47 1 2 Finally, match the Pashto words, their pronunciation, and the English meanings, as in the example. hello manana wabakh-kha please ¬à∏g ¬~≈æ`6 j thank you ÉÑ°S hulta sabaa sorry ¬∏«g ¬1îHh ¬f ho no there ƒg yes hela ee tsanga y ¬ææe tomorrow 48 na ROUND-UP This section is designed to review all the 100 words you have met in the different topics.

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