A History Of Algebraic And Differential Topology, 1900-1960 by Jean Dieudonné

By Jean Dieudonné

A vintage to be had back! This e-book lines the background of algebraic topology starting with its construction by means of Henry Poincaré in 1900, and describing intimately the $64000 principles brought within the conception sooner than 1960. In its first thirty years the sector appeared restricted to functions in algebraic geometry, yet this replaced dramatically within the Nineteen Thirties with the production of differential topology through Georges De Rham and Elie Cartan and of homotopy idea via Witold Hurewicz and Heinz Hopf. The effect of topology started to unfold to progressively more branches because it steadily took on a principal position in arithmetic. Written by way of a world-renowned mathematician, this booklet will make intriguing studying for a person operating with topology.

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4. For a closed orientable surface † the Euler characteristic of a simplicial partition is independent of the partition and is determined only by the surface. †/ of the surface †. 13. Prove that the Euler characteristic of a sphere with g handles is equal to 2 2g and, in particular, the Euler characteristics of a sphere and a torus are equal to 2 and 0, respectively. Another remarkable application of the Gauss–Bonnet formula is the formula for the sum of the angles of a triangle. A domain which is homeomorphic to the interior of a triangle and is bounded by three segments of geodesics is called a geodesic triangle.

Wj D @f j i v: @x i Hence, in particular, we see that it is linear. A subspace N is a k-dimensional submanifold in M if each point x 2 N has a neighborhood U with local coordinates x 1 ; : : : ; x n such that the intersection U \ N is determined by the equations x 1 D D x n k D 0. Moreover, considering y 1 D n kC1 k n x ; : : : ; y D x as local coordinates on N , we define the structure of a smooth manifold on N . We introduce the following important notion: • a smooth map F W M ! x 1 ; : : : ; x n /; j D 1; : : : ; k, is equal to the dimension of N : Â Ã @F j rank D dim N: @x i If this condition is satisfied, then x is called a regular point of the map F .

P ; n/ for the tangent space. 3)). 6 that a smooth curve is a geodesic if and only if its geodesic curvature is everywhere zero. , a family of successively traversed regular curves: the endpoint of j coincides with the starting point of j C1 ; moreover, put nC1 D 1 ). We suppose that the contour has no self-intersections and bounds a domain V W. 12 (The Gauss–Bonnet formula). Z n X kg d l D 2 . 12) V Proof. 6) 1 1 1 2 2 D D Gx ; €12 Gx ; €22 Gy ; 2 2G 2G with the other Christoffel symbols equal to zero.

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