A Dictionary of Some Tuamotuan Dialects of the Polynesian by J. Frank Stimson (auth.)

By J. Frank Stimson (auth.)

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To copulate. I)a Oopulation. paeI)a A trysting place; a place for copulation on the shore. tal)a . Descendants, progeny. A descent, genealogical history. To chase away, expel. a (i) [? aia] Ohased away, expelled. AI (iv) P. Poet. To be, exist; vai (1). VHI Frly. To hide. AI (v) S. Who; questive = vai (iii). VHI 'AI P. Intj. expressing surprise, admiration. to Intj. Alas! Woe is me! toho Intj. expressing great admiration, joy, delight; How wonderful! FAG Intj. expressing sadness, despair. AlA (i) [?

NAP AKA- = Var. of OAUSATIVE PREFIX. [found only in a few words;] II faka-, haka-. NAP AKA S. A fledgling. ANA M. Past babyhood, firm on its feet, capable of flying; said of fledglings; II I)aha. AKAAKA II aka AKAAUERE, AKAUERE II aka AKAHI S. One; [? val'. The flat, rugged surface of the coral reef abutting the sea; II kau (1), motio, arire. GTN The outside edge of the coral reef. TKO Frly. ] A free-, barrier· reef. A reef separated from the shore by a stretch of deep water. AKAUERE II aka TE AKAUFAKARAVA S.

Diminuative. Dualative. Durative. Derived from an English form. Esoteric; used mainly with reference to cosmogonic and religious knowledge. Etymologically. Figuratively. Frequentative. Freely. Intensificative. Interjective. Literally. Locution. Modifier usage; considered similar to an English adjective when modifying a substantive, an adverb when modifying a predicative; by position. Magnificati ve. Modern or contemporary usage. Mythologically. Numerative. Archaic or obsolete usage. PredicaUve usage; sLmilar to the English 'verb', by position.

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