A Comprehensive Dictionary of Economics by Nelson Brian

By Nelson Brian

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It could also be ... "" • G10hal economu cKPloils 11001 natIOns I an index or the temperature. ~ ~ • RIch nahons mlclillonalfy keep lIoor SOote SOote I " .. ~. ~ .. 113110ns llOor . RIch lIallOlIS eKlllolfS natural resources and labor to tloor coUnltteS .. - . Core· SeIDl pentl/wry·· Periphery ~ ~ derived demand the demand that arises or I • IS ActIvIty • dependent variable the variable to be 'explained' with the help of 'independent variables'. These independent variables serve as the 'explanatory' variables, however, the extent to which this relationship or 'explanation' actually implies 'causality' varies.

I • economy, economIes : two meanings of 'economies' ~ need to be distinguished: I 1. the economies of regions (as "'::.. %,,::'v aggregates of interrelated eco• economic union nomic activities). t with the I 2. in the sense of economising, added feature that additional I savings, cost reductions, etc. as policies: monetary, fiscal, wel- used in agglomeration econofare, are also harmonised across : mies, scale economies, the member countries. ~ localisation economies. tdIKCftClmfCrWpne.... q,tot........

29 *================ " . :" .. t· ~ tions or customs can or should ; maintain the value of money, : not intrinsic content of valuable ~ metal. ~ • chi-square distribution ; a continuous distribution, with • chained : natural number parameter r. It an index number which is fre- I quently reweighted . An ex, ample is an inflation index made up of prices weighted by the frequency with which they I are paid and the frequent recomputation of weights makes it a chained index. is the distribution of sums of • chaotic ~ squares of r standard normal a description of a dynamic sys- I variables.

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