1800 Mechaical Movements Devices and Appliances by G. D. Hishox

By G. D. Hishox

G. D. Hishox 1800 Mechaical routine units and Appliances1800 механических подвижных элементов и приборов. 16-е издание. Издается с 1921 г.Схемы механических подвижных устройств и их описание.

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Cinema 1: The Movement-Image, Chapters 1 (3-12) and 4 (58-72). 4. Although this article is concerned with the link between Matter and Memory and Deleuze’s philosophy, we will make no further reference to the analyses in Cinema of Bergson’s masterwork, and the reader may, quite rightly, be surprised at this. But our aim is to clarify, to grasp the intimate relation between these two thinkers, something which is not the same as undertaking an exegesis of those Deleuzian texts expressly dedicated to Bergson.

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