101 Ways to Run the Option by Tony Demeo

By Tony Demeo

A unprecedented selection of one zero one ways in which coaches can hire assorted diversifications of the choice of their team's offensive assault. Covers the split-back veer, wishbone, Woody s alternative, Delaware wing-t, a number of I recommendations, one-back bone, midline alternative, shotgun choice, utilizing units and movement, in addition to machine thoughts and kicking-game recommendations. includes over a hundred diagrams and illustrations.

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The key coaching point for the guard is as follows: If the handoff squeezes the offensive tackle down, the guard can go around the handoff key to the linebacker; but if the handoff key stays wide on upfield, the guard can go inside the handoff key for the linebacker. Against a reduced defense, the guard will probably go inside the handoff key; against a 50 defense, he will probably go around. For its part, the backfield executes the seal triple option (Diagram 22). Diagram 22 *The G options add variety to the wishbone by changing the interior blocking schemes so that the guard folds around the offensive tackle's block in order to block the linebacker.

It is also a sideline-to-sideline attack. As such. It enhances the passing game, because it forces the secondary to get involved with the run,-therefore, it makes for a more complete offense. , if the team does not have a great running back, it can simply spread the ball around). Never second-guess your quarterback's decision making, as long as he is following the proper thought process. The Origins The modern option game probably originated in the 1940s with Don Farout, who installed the split T in his University of Missouri offense.

Diagram 44 Page 66 Option #42: I-Pro Lead Option The I-Pro Lead Option Is a simple, yet effective, way to get the ball pitched on the perimeter to the tailback (Diagram 45). The play is run exactly like Option #3the split-back veer lead optionexcept the backs are in the I. The fullback is not in as good a lead block position as he is in the split-back set, but he is still effective. The tailback is in better position to get the pitch going downhill, which makes it easier for the play to produce consistent yardage.

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