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101 Basketball Out-of-bounds Drills

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Page 53 Drill #43: Jump-Shots Off the Stack Objective: To safely inbound the ball using a stack; to create opportunities for outside jump-shooters. Description: This drill begins with the small forward (SF) inbounding the ball and the rest of the offensive players stacked along the lane line as shown in Diagram A. The center (C) breaks across the lane to the offside low post, and the shooting guard (SG) moves down to the ballside low post. The power forward (PF) cuts to the sideline for the inbound pass and immediately passes out to the point guard.

Com Page 3 Contents Acknowledgments 4 Dedication 5 Preface 7 Diagram Key 8 Chapter 1 Box Sets 9 2 Stack Sets 45 3 Diamond Sets 61 4 Baseline Sets 67 5 Random Sets 73 6 Side-Outs 93 About the Authors 119 Page 4 Acknowledgments The authors would like to thank John Sullivan for his editorial assistance in helping to write up drills presented in this book. The authors are also grateful for the professional assistance in publishing this book provided by the staff of Coaches Choice Books and Videosparticularly Michelle Summers, Joanna Wright, Debbie Bellaire and Julie Denzer.

After screening, SF moves back to the high post, and C rolls out to the offside high wing. PG moves to the offside wing after inbounding the ball. As the ball is reversed around the perimeter, SF moves up to set a backscreen for PF. When the ball is reversed to C, he dribbles slowly toward PG. As PF cuts through the lane off the screen, C looks to see if PF is open for a pass (Diagram B). If not, PG also screens for PF. SF follows the action down the lane and sets a second screen for PG, who curls around the pick for a pass from C and the short jumper.

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