100 Questions & Answers About Sports Nutrition by Lilah Al-Masri

By Lilah Al-Masri

A hundred Questions and solutions approximately activities food presents simply obtainable solutions to questions that athletes, athletic running shoes and coaches could have approximately activities nutrients. outfitted with case stories, fast information, and testimonials, this functional consultant covers themes reminiscent of: nutrients, fluids, medicines and vitamins, weight administration, hot ups and funky downs, flexibility, and extra.

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Ballistic stretching has the potential to cause serious injury and should be avoided. During ballistic stretching, the muscle is never allowed to relax, which creates a stretch reflex in the muscle, causing it to tighten; this is counterproductive to the purpose of stretching. An example of a ballistic stretch is the standing toe touch. The athlete stands with his or her legs slightly apart and tries to touch his or her toes by bouncing up and down in rapid succession for a period of time. If an athlete has a pre-existing back or hamstring injury, the potential for further injury using this stretch is high.

As athletes age, gastrointestinal motility may slow, resulting in decreased rates of digestion, absorption, and excretion, leading to an increased incidence of gastrointestinal upset. 4. Gender: Women more often complain of gastrointestinal distress since females have a slower gastricemptying rate than men (influenced by estrogen). Hormone increases during the menstrual cycle tend to increase the symptoms of lower gastrointestinal distress (cramping, bloating, gas, diarrhea, constipation, and/or gastrointestinal bleeding).

Another consequence of sleep deprivation is overeating. Research has shown that those who do not get enough sleep or have a hard time staying asleep will crave higher calorie foods and tend to overeat the next day. Studies have also shown that individuals who suffer from chronic sleep deprivation experience higher incidences of heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and ulcers. Rapid eye movement (REM) This second stage of sleep involves a substantial amount of dreaming and is essential to helping individuals recover mentally.

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